• Custom Theater Seating Custom Theater Seating Using European stylistic and design inspiration, we are proud of the fact that our chairs are manufactured right here in the USA. A theater chair is as much about comfort as a reflection of our clients’ style and aspirations.
  • Creativity Unleashed Creativity Unleashed CinemaScapes bring fantasy to your home theater enhancing the mood of viewing the movies you love.
  • Process Process Designing a theater starts out with the customer and ends with the customer. CDGi fills the stages in between with expertise, professionalism, and extreme attention to detail.
  • Questions? Questions? Cinema Design Group International markets its theater interiors through established audio visual retailers and custom home integrators. Our dealers are responsible for providing the electronic equipment that goes into custom luxury theaters while we provide the theater interiors. You, the customer, work with your local dealer to obtain a fully-equipped home theater.
  • World-class Design Services World-class Design Services Browse through some of the best theaters and media rooms we have designed over the last 10 years.



The home theater is the place where our customers can unleash their most outlandish imagination, as they often do. However, we cannot overlook acoustic performance and visual perfection. CDGi interior solutions are our answer to the quest for achieving harmony between beauty and functionality.

Theaters can be enhanced by our original brand of decorative acoustical panels, by Fiber Optic Ceilings, by specially designed ceilings that add a surreal sensation, and by Bars, Ticket Booths, Candy Counters and other fixtures that enhance the fantasy allure of a cinema.

And not to forget the importance of acoustic performance, Sound Abatement and Control constuction is a fundamental principle guiding all our work.

Acoustic Panels – Many rooms have very poor acoustics that limit the enjoyment and quality of the sound produced in the theater or listening room in your home. CDGi acoustic panels are designed to reduce echo and reverberation significantly enhancing sound quality. In addition to home theaters, our panels are perfect for classrooms, churches, hotels, conference centers, etc.

Sound Abatement & Control - CDGi designs and installs high performance sound wall products for noise mitigation. When applied, this material inhibits sound from entering or leaving a room so that the theater can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.

Theater Lobbies, Bars and other furnishings - Each ticket booth is handcrafted to meet each theater owner’s specific need. Candy Counters and Bars add fun! They create one more element and a unique touch to your home screening room experience.

Fiber Optic Ceilings – CDGi recreates the magnificent night sky within the comfort of your home theater. Our illuminators are designed to offer variable dimming and speed of “twinkle” so you can customize your shooting star, comet or constellation.

Corporate Interiors - Our craftsmen bring art to life in evey cabinet, wood panel, and acoustic treatment. Partnering with our network of A/V dealers throughout the world, our board rooms are comfortable, sophisticated and completely integrated.